Recruitment Fall 2018

                                                              It's Sweet to Be Greek!

                                                            It's Sweet to Be Greek!

What is Formal Recruitment?

Panhellenic recruitment at the University of North Florida is a tremendous way to meet people while getting involved not only on campus but in the Jacksonville community. It is also a great way to network, which can benefit your future professional life. When going through recruitment PNMs (Potential New Members) should expect to meet tons of new people, including sorority women and other potential new members. UNF Formal Sorority Recruitment is an opportunity that is only available during the Fall semester. It consists of four rounds of events (Welcome Round, Philanthropy Round, Sisterhood Round& Preference Round) that allow PNMs a chance to get to know more about all chapters we have here on campus. These events will give PNMs a chance to discover which sorority is the best match for her. Each night will give you a chance to ask the different questions you might have came up with about each chapter. Each chapter is different and if you don't find your home in one, you are more than likely to find your home in another chapter. 

Recruitment Schedule

Welcome Round (August 30th): PNMs will be meeting all seven chapters. This night will be the most relaxed night out of the entire weekend. Each chapter is just trying to get to know all of you lovely women!

Philanthropy Round (August 31st): PNMs will be returning to a maximum of five chapters, please remember that not every chapter will feel like your home, you need to go back a few times to find your forever home! Philanthropy night gives the chapters a chance to showcase their national philanthropy(s) and their chapters involvement in not only fundraising for their cause but also awareness and experience on campus.  

Sisterhood Round (September 1st): PNMs will be returning to a maximum of 3 chapters with less parties! Sisterhood night gives the chapters a chance to show the women what it is like being in their chapter. 

Preference Round (September 2nd): PNM's will be returning to a maximum of 2 chapters. Preference is the most important night of this experience. Pref Night is a night of self-reflection of the weekend and where PNMs truly believe they belong. This gives PNMs the opportunities to talk with their Rho Gamma's about their values and how they align with the chapters they will be returning to and help them choose their home on bid day

Bid Day (September 3rd): The most exciting day of them all! On Bid Day, PNM's will find out what chapter they have been invited to become a member of. This day is filled with so many emotions of excitement, anticipation and even relief! After it is revealed what chapter they are invited to join, the newly New Members get to run home to their new sisters! Afterwards, each chapter prepares a celebration that new members will be attending.

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